11 Nov

Visited Khajuraho during my stay at Bhopal. An hour’s drive from Khajuraho is Chitrakoot, the forest featuring in Ramayan.  Some pictures of Khajuraho taken in my trusty Sony Cybershot, attached.

The towering temples of Khajuraho have a unique feature. No cement is used to   join up the figurines. They used an interlocking system, which has held up the structure for over a thousand years. The graphic,erotic images are graven on the outer walls of temples. The explanation (as given by our trusty guide) is that   we need to look at and deal with the stuff outside the temple, and thereby we purge our instincts before entering the temple . A nice spin. 

You see the guy with the hanky on the head, who is delivering the spin on the Khajuraho rationale.

Some more pics are here:


One Response to “Khajuraho”

  1. தருமி December 5, 2012 at 3:10 am #

    //…my trusty Sony Cybershot, //
    of course trusty … but why such small pix? Khajuraho needs better treatment !

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