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My Front Yard Has Mange

6 May

Webner House

During the cold, dank, seemingly endless winter, forces of evil apparently attacked my yard.  Under cover of darkness and blanket of snow, terrible lawn creatures invaded and ruthlessly displaced our attractive carpet of velvety grass.

IMG_1171Spring has brought the unwelcome realization that our front yard appears to have a serious case of lawn mange.  Where tender shoots of pleasant green once grew we now find bare spots, crab grass, spreading sawtoothed dandelion leaves, and other unsightly, weedy characters.  The yard has a distinctly clumpy, uneven look to it.  And in the center of one of our lawn sections there is an angry-looking, purple-topped plant that appears to be the youthful version of the man-devouring miscreant from Little Shop of Horrors.

Having an ugly spring lawn is embarrassing, but it can have its advantages.  Dogs find our yard so appalling that they refuse to even answer the call of nature…

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Eating Fast Is Destroying Your Body. The HAPIfork’s Buzz Can Help

6 May



Modern day eating habits are making us fat, stupid, and sick. Even for those high-octane health-nuts with the discipline to have a salad, rapid eating between meetings can cause weight gain, brain fog, illness, and fatigue. Now, a high-tech fork has bottled the “don’t eat so fast” wisdom of our mothers in an everyday object that buzzes whenever it detects users eating too quickly. While much has been written about the HAPIfork, no writers had taken it for a test run. After only a few minutes reviewing the HAPIfork, it retrained my overly anxious subconscious eating habits to take more time in between bites.

Two Problems With Eating Too Quickly

The body was not meant to shovel down huge mountains of food. Normally, nutrition slowly disperses into the bloodstream; when the body is overloaded with food, it has to reroute the resources of the mind and body to dealing with…

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These planted themselves!

6 May

Piggybackr Launches Its ‘Kickstarter For Kids’ To Let Youth Get In On The Crowdfunding Wave

6 May


Crowdfunding has changed the game for many grownups who need money to achieve their dreams, whether that’s making a film, building a unique new gadget, or becoming president. But sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are for adults. When kids need to raise money for their schools or extra-curricular projects, they’re often still using decades-old methods like selling candy bars or wrapping paper.

A site launching to the public today called Piggybackr wants to bring kids’ fundraising out of the dark ages (or at least the 1980s.) Piggybackr is a crowdfunding platform that’s specifically targeted to the needs of kids, with educational tools, game mechanics, and age-appropriate directions, and parental controls. The site is focused on efforts, rather than physical products — kids ask potential sponsors for donations online and offer “thank you gifts” in return such as volunteer time.

Piggybackr’s founder Andrea Lo tells me that she…

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Founder Stories: Snaplogic’s Gaurav Dhillon On The Importance Of Timing

6 May


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Founding a company is both lonely and challenging – I know. Guarav Dhillon first went through this journey almost two decades ago when there were fewer support outlets. Now today as Dhillon is running Snaplogic, a company he started a couple of years ago, he is applying learnings from past experience – but also levering the infrastructure available to founders that did not exist before.

Dhillon founded Informatica in the mid-90s, first taking the company global then public. At the time there were only two books available about how to run a startup. To overcome this, he convened a trusted group of fellow founders for monthly dinners to discuss recruitment, how to manage their boards and funding.

Twenty years later, Dhillon is now the co-founder and CEO of Snaplogic, the cloud integration solution that helps enterprises connect data from the cloud, SaaS, and local applications into a…

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Breaking and entering (Karbala, ~April 17, 2003)

6 May

Setting up for a post retirement job as a burglar

Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

6 May

That’s what is enrichment all about

The Blog

WordPressers, day in and day out, you entertain us, you make us think, you make us laugh, and you make us grateful to be exposed to so many voices all over the world. It’s a pleasure to read what you’re writing. Like everyone in the community, we value that feeling of connection that comes from reading something that speaks to you, that resonates, that makes you feel not so alone.

For this edition of Freshly Pressed Faves, we’re looking at three posts that do just that, all around the idea of “busy-ness.” Modern society seems to embrace the idea that unless you’re “swamped” or “super busy,” you just aren’t being productive enough. Free time? Fill it up, preferably with something that pays! This attitude permeates children’s lives, too, with scheduled after-school dance classes and soccer practices and violin lessons and foreign language tutors. The idle hours that once allowed kids…

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