Eating Fast Is Destroying Your Body. The HAPIfork’s Buzz Can Help

6 May



Modern day eating habits are making us fat, stupid, and sick. Even for those high-octane health-nuts with the discipline to have a salad, rapid eating between meetings can cause weight gain, brain fog, illness, and fatigue. Now, a high-tech fork has bottled the “don’t eat so fast” wisdom of our mothers in an everyday object that buzzes whenever it detects users eating too quickly. While much has been written about the HAPIfork, no writers had taken it for a test run. After only a few minutes reviewing the HAPIfork, it retrained my overly anxious subconscious eating habits to take more time in between bites.

Two Problems With Eating Too Quickly

The body was not meant to shovel down huge mountains of food. Normally, nutrition slowly disperses into the bloodstream; when the body is overloaded with food, it has to reroute the resources of the mind and body to dealing with…

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